This is my second blog post.

This is the post excerpt.

I know it might say this is the same day, but I’m excited. I want to talk about…dun dun dun! Oatmeal raisin cookies. Now don’t get me wrong, I like raisins, I like oatmeal cookies, but put them together, and they do NOT taste good. They taste AWFUL together. Now, how many times have you bitten into a oatmeal raisin cookie, thinking it was chocolate chip? Probably dozens. It’s ANNOYING. I bet you think that, too. This is PinkKnight, signing off.

So I know that…

I know that no-one really reads this blog. I know that because one person has read this blog and that is my sister. And she’s read it once. So, why make this blog? It’s really for me. So I can get my opinion out there. 🙂

I’m not perfect, and no matter how much you believe in yourself, neither are you. Who knows, one day this blog might be big, I hope.

I want to tell you about something. I had brain surgery. AND I AM NOT DOING THIS FOR ATTENTION! I want to be more honest in here. I also am diagnosed with ADHD. I also have social anxiety. Well, to be more exact, Khari Malformation Decompression Surgery.

So deal with it. I have problems.

This is PinkKnight, signing off.


More specially, video games. They’re awesome. I mean, what else lets you escape into a world that you can do pretty much anything in. Everyone’s always hating on Minecraft, but honestly, it’s a great game. Also for some reason everyone hates EA, but they made some great games. I bet whoever’s hating on them has played one of their games. Their games are fun and somewhat addicting, but enjoyable. Why hate on something that doesn’t suck as much as you say it is? Someone poured a lot of time and effort into that game, and they probably feel hurt when they hear someone talking trash about it. Since we’re talking about games in general, what about board games? I played Avalon once with about 7 of my family members, and it was so much fun, even though I can’t lie to save my life, so I didn’t win many rounds, I still have fun. Board games don’t have to be boring. So yeah, that’s my opinion on these things. This is PinkKnight, signing off.

My brother…

So my youngest brother, Tanner, is in the hospital. He’s sick, because he’s a preemie, which means he was born long before he was supposed to be. He’s really small, and I love him a lot and it sucks that he has to be there. My mom’s with him right now so if you could just give him some love, that’d be great. This is PinkKnight, signing off.


What confuses me…

So, I’m a normal person and stuff. I mean I’m not like SUPER different or anything. I’m pretty normal. But I’m also kind of shy. So what really, really confuses me is when someone finds it funny when I defend myself or someone else. Maybe they think that I’m just not up for it. Once I asked someone why they were laughing at what my friend said. I wasn’t being mean or anything, I just asked. I was genuinely curious. But the person didn’t say anything. Or when someone was making fun of my friend and I stood up for them the group of girls went, “Ohh!” and stuff, and I was confused. I was just standing up for my friend. I don’t find that funny. And I don’t think it OK. And I realize that this is more serious or whatever, but I’m just saying what I think.


Friends are awesome! Like my BFFs, Trinity and Sophie. Don’t want to say their last names on this blog. Anyway, Trinity is amazing and supports me ALL THE TIME! And Sophie and I have so much in common, we can talk about everything. I have a decent amount of friends. Speaking of friends, one of my friends just got dumped by her boyfriend. My ex-boyfriend. I was never jealous of them because me and my ex were honestly better off as friends. Now I’m mad at him because he dumped my friend and then immediately started dating someone else. And when I say immediately I mean later that night. Such a horrible thing to do to someone. And the worst thing? The girl used to be my friend’s best friend. Talk about rude. Anyway, just want to say, if you have someone that you care about, give them some love. And of you know anyone like me ex, I don’t know, yell at them. This is PinkKnight, signing off.


Aren’t superheroes just awesome? I mean they save people ALL THE TIME! Well, in shows and in comics. I wish there was superheros like the Flash, Batman, Black Canary, Starfire, and of course, Supergirl, in real life! I mean we get to see how it would work on TV shows. Of course, where there’s superheros there’s supervillains. And I would NOT like to meet supervillains. Unless of course I was a superhero, and since I’m not, I guess I’ll just have to rely on TV shows and comics to end my longing for superheros. Like the Flash, Supergirl, and the Arrow. All good TV shows. All good comics. Some superheroes have really cool powers, and some have none. Like how Starfire can fly and shoot starbolts, so can her sister, Blackfire, a supervillain. Or how Black Canary can force things back and knock people out with her voice. Or how the Flash can run super fast. Or Superman’s and Supergirl’s, flight, X-Ray vision, heat ray, ice breath and flight abilities make all superheroes super cool. Sorry bad pun. This is PinkKnight, signing off.

What I’m doing here.

So, hi, I’m PinkKnight (that’s my internet name.) and I’m here to talk about anything. No, I’m not kidding I’ll talk about anything. First, I’ll talk about me. I have a lot of siblings, so I might write about them, but just the first initials of there first and middle names. Because some of this might be embarrassing, and the last thing I’d want to do is embarrass my siblings online, and them knowing about it. I think I’m funny, so if anything is really bad, tell me, PLEASE! But anything I can talk about, I will. Especially stupid stuff.  I will mostly talk about well, as I’ve said before anything. This is PinkKnight, signing off.